Douglas Community Council 2014
Elected, Co-opted, Members and Ex-officio Representatives
The Douglas Community Council (DCC) membership structure is made up of eight elected members from Douglas and  Glespin area, who have to be resident and registered to vote within the Community Council boundary.
The DCC can also chose to have co-opted representative members.
The MP, MSP and Councillors make up the remaining ex-officio membership.
Chairman | Mr Harry Thompson
Vice Chair | Mr William Todd
Treasurer | Mrs Margaret Thompson
Secretary | Mr Thomas Cronin
Member | Mr John McAleer
Member | Mr David Ellis
Member | Mrs Eleanor Taylor
Ex Officio Member | Mr David Mundell MP
Ex Officio Member | Mrs Aileen Campell MSP
Ex Officio Member | Mark Horsham
Ex Officio Member | Colin McGavigan
Ex Officio Member | Mr George Greenshields
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