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douglas victoria bowling club blazer badge

Douglas Victoria

 Bowling Club

 1887 - 1987 Centenary blazer badge

 2008 Annual Presentation of Prizes

annual presentation of prizes 2008 - copyright of lindsay addison
 Seated at the front from the left...
Ladies President Martha Ramage, gents champion Ian Tweedie, Ladies Champion Margaret Gardiner and Gents President Alan Halliday
The 2008 winners of the gents competitions are as follows; Championship winner – I. Tweedie & runner up – G. Henry, Presidents winner – K. Clark & runner up – I. Tweedie, Paterson Cup winner – G. Bain & runner up – S. Smith, Coubrough Medal winner – K. Clark & runner up – J. Simpson, Handicap winner – J. Grieve & runner up – G. Smith, Bank Cup winner – G. Bain & runner up – A. Morrison, Promiscous winner – K. Clark & runner up – G. Henry, Nominates Pairs winners – G. Henry & K. Clark & runners up – J. Gillan & C. Blackwood, Vice Presidents winners I. Smith & K. Clark & runners up – J. Hamilton & S. Smith & Silver Salver winners – G. Henry & M. Smith & runners up – A. Morrison & M. Tweedie.

Ladies opening day 2008
martha ramage opens the ladies season 2008

2007 Annual Presentation of Prizes

douglas victoria bowling club 2007 annual presentation - copyright of lindsay addison

At the recent annual prize giving and social evening held in the clubhouse the winners for the 2007 season were announced, they are as follows -
Gents section
Champion – I Tweedie, runner up – G Bain, Presidents – S Bain, runner up W Jarvie, Handicap – G Smith, runner up I Tweedie, Paterson Cup – A Morrison, runner up G Smith, Bank Cup – G Bain, runner up A Morrison, Promiscuous – G Henry, runner up G Smith, Nominated Pairs – J Ramage & A Halliday, runners up A Morrison & I Tweedie, Vice Presidents – G Bain & J Hamilton, runners up K Clark & R Gardiner and Silver Salver – P Smith & I Smith, runners up J Bell & M Bell.
Ladies section
Championship – I Smith, runner up M Smith, Presidents – M Smith, runner up M Ramage, Vice Presidents – A Leitch & M Bain, runners up J Smith & P Sloan, Club Pairs – M Bell & F Waugh, runners up J Bell & M Tweedie, 2 Bowl Pairs – P Sloan & M Ramage, runners up M Sked & A Prosser, Nominated Pairs – M Bell & M Bain, runners up A Prosser & N Hamilton, Handicap – M Tweedie, runner up M Gardiner, Triples – M Bell, M Gardiner & A Prosser, runners up B Wilson, J Smith & M Bain and Promiscuous – M Bell, M Gardiner, A Prosser & M Tweedie.

Annual Presentation of Prizes

2006 annual presentation of prizes

© of Lindsay Addison

Douglas Victoria Bowling Club held their annual prize giving and social evening on Friday 10th November in the clubhouse. The prizewinners for 2006 are as follows –

Gent’s section

Championship winner S Bain and runner up W Anderson. Presidents winner A Morrison and runner up G Bain, Handicap winner J Cadzow and runner up I Tweedie, Paterson Cup winner K Clark and runner up I Tweedie, Piper Cup winner K Clark and runner up I Tweedie, Coubrough Medal winner A Morrison and runner up J Ramage, Bank Cup winner W Anderson and runner up J Cadzow, Nominated Pairs winners J Cadzow & B Jackson and runners up S Bain & G Bain, Vice Presidents winners G Henry & I Tweedie and runners up K Clark & J Cadzow, Silver Salver winners G Henry & M Smith and runners up R Gardiner (3) & M Gardiner and Mixed Triples winners I B Smith, M Smith & I Tweedie and runners up M Bell, C Brodie & G Henry.

Ladies section

Championship winner Margaret Bell and runner up Margaret Gardiner, Presidents winner Margaret Bell and runner up Anne Prosser, Vice Presidents winners Nan Hamilton & Martha Ramage and runners up Isobel Smith and Anne Leitch, Club Pairs winners Martha Ramage & Jenny Smith and runners up Margaret Gardiner and Margaret Bell, Two Bowl Pairs winners Margaret Gardiner & Margaret Bain and runners up Janie Bell & Margaret Bell, Nominated Pairs winners Margaret Bell & Margaret Bain and runners up Isobel Smith & Marianne Smith, Handicap winner Martha Ramage and runner up Marianne Smith, Triples winners Anne Prosser, Martha Ramage & Anne Leitch and runners up Isobel Smith, Marianne Smith & Betty Wilson and Promiscuous winner Margaret Tweedie and runners up Nan Hamilton & Margaret Gardiner.

Annual Opening

22nd April 2006

annual opening ceremony 2006
Janie Bell (centre) opens the season for 2006/7.
To her left is her husband and gents President Brian and to her right Jake Ramage the Vice President, accompanied by committee and members.
© of Lindsay Addison

buffet food at the bowling club

An example of our excellent buffets meals served in the clubhouse.

Douglas Victoria Bowling Club




ML11 0PT

Tel - 01555 851575 ( Licensed Clubhouse )

For details about playing and non-playing membership, or our regular social evenings and bingo nights, please contact the club on the above number during opening hours.

2005 club prize winners
2005 annual presentation of prizes

( Front ) - Gents President Robert Gardiner, Champions Isobel Smith and Ian Tweedie & Ladies President Margaret Bell 

© of Lindsay Addison

The 2005 prize winners were as follows-


Championship Isobel Smith, runner-up Marianne Smith; president's Margaret Gardiner, runner-up Isobel Smith; vice-president's Isobel Smith & Jenny Cadzow, runners-up Margaret Bell & Betty Wilson; club pairs Jenny Cadzow & Margaret Bain, runners-up Nan Hamilton & Margaret Gardiner; two-bowl pairs Anne Aitken & Jenny Cadzow, runners-up Margaret Gardiner & Anne Prosser; nominated pairs Jenny Cadzow & Margaret Gardiner, runners-up Martha Ramage & Janie Bell; handicap Margaret Gardiner, runner-up Marianne Smith; Non-winners Martha Ramage, runner-up Cathie Brodie; triples Nan Hamilton, Anne Prosser & Janie Bell, runners-up Margaret Bell, Cathie Brodie-& Martha Ramage; promiscuous, Betty, Wilson, runner-up equal Nan Hamilton and Anne Prosser.


Championship I Tweedie, runner-up G Smith; president's W-Smith, runner-up C Gardner; Piper Cup W Anderson, runner-up W Smith; handicap, J, Bell, runner-up G Henry; Paterson Cup G Henry, runner-up R Gardiner (3) Coubrough G Smith, runner-up D Abernethy; Bank Cup W Anderson, runner-up A Morrison; nominated pairs C Gardiner & R Gardiner (1), runners-up W Anderson, R Gardiner (3); vice-president's G Henry & R Gardiner (3),-runners-up W Anderson & J Bell; silver salver G Smith & J Cadzow, runners-up A Morrison & M Tweedie; mixed triples G Henry, Janie Bell & J Cadzow, runners-up I Leitch M Ramage & PF Smith.

 Scottish Bowling Association

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