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Mining Health Concerns

If you have issues you wish to raise with South Lanarkshire Council concerning monitoring and enforcement of the open cast mines in and around the area contact the following ...
Rodger Dick
Minerals Monitoring & Enforcement Officer
Enterprise Resources
Planning & Building Standards
South Lanarkshire Council
Montrose House, 154 Montrose Crescent
Hamilton, ML3 6LB
tel:01698 455902
Fax: 01698 455984
E-mail: rodger.dick@southlanarkshire.gov.uk

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Coal in Scotland

Mineral sites locations map in and around Douglas Valley click HERE
(which includes other useful data) 

Public meeting on 23rd September '09, St Brides Centre, Douglas.
public meeting top table, adam lawson, dr dick van steenis, rev robert clelland and harry thompson - copyright of lindsay addison
Adam Lawson, Dr Van Steenis, Rev Robert Clelland, Harry Thompson
Copyright of Lindsay Addison
In response to the ongoing concerns of local Douglas Valley residents surrounding the possible health risks arising out of open cast coal mining in the area and further highlighted by the recent letter to Carluke and Lanark Gazette by Douglasdale Medical Practice doctors, Douglas Community Council facilitated a public meeting to which Dr Dick Van Steenis MB BS to make a public presentation of his research into ill dr dick van steenis speaking in douglas 23/9/09 - copyright of lindsay addisonhealth and open cast mining.
To watch an unedited video of Dr Stennis' presentation click HERE
For information about the public meeting and the Douglasdale Coal Health Study click HERE.
Douglas Community Council would like to thank Rev R Clelland for chairing the meeting, Dr Dick Van Steenis for coming up from Wales to make his presentation and Adam Lawson for the vote of thanks, Liz, Sarah and Dale for setting up the hall and the local residents and visitors from across Scotland for their attendance. We hope the evening was informative.
Dr Dick Van Steenis - Copyright of Lindsay Addison
Click HERE for Carluke & Lanark Gazette article

Opencast mines will lead to public health disaster, warns poison expert

The Herald 26/9/09

SCOTLAND is sleepwalking into a public health disaster by ignoring the dangers of emissions from opencast mines, a leading toxicologist has warned.
The risk posed by a new development in South Lanarkshire is such that the town of Douglas should be bulldozed and its residents rehoused at the taxpayers’ expense, Dr Dick van Steenis said.

To read the Herald artcicle by Chris Watt click on headline above

A leaflet titled 'Coal Health Study - Douglasdale Edition' has been produced to provide the local residents with more information about health issues in the Douglas Valley...
Coal Health Study (website) - Douglasdale Edition (v4/2) - (PDF leaflet)

Mineral sites locations map in and around Douglas Valley
click HERE
(which includes other useful data)

Below is a letter to the Carluke and Lanark Gazette editor 3/9/09...

Duty to inform

Dear Ed,
It is clear that our community is concerned about the possible health risks arising out of open cast coal mining in this area.
Open cast coal mining has been taking place in this area for about twenty years and Douglas is presently the centre of three open cast coal mining sites with a fourth at Mainshill planned to start.
The question which needs to be considered and investigated is whether these open cast mining operations result in the creation of air pollutants or particulates.
As a local general practitioner, I feel a heavy responsibility to ensure that any public health risks are properly addressed and responsibly managed.
In a previous letter to you, I made reference to the fact that the matter of the health risk was still under discussion and needed to be fully discussed as part of the planning application.
However, I have recently come across a report by the Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollutants an expert committee that advises the UK government.
That committee asserts that "we are left with little doubt that long-term exposure to all pollutants has an effect on mortality and thus decreases life expectancy".
It also alludes to the existence of new evidence which has "strengthened the association, particularly with particulates".
Evidence for the harmful effects of particulate pollution has also been highlighted in two major US studies both in the New England Journal of Medicine. The entire report can be read at www.advisorybodies.doh.gov.uk/comeap/finallongtermeffectsmort2009.htm

This expert evidence does lead me to feel strongly that the issue of the public health risk of particulates resulting from open cast mining coal should be fully addressed by the authorities.
Clearly one extreme would be to seek to terminate all current open cast coalmining operations.
At the other extreme is to cast aside health risk fears and look favourably on new applications for opencast mining as the providers of an important industry to the local economy and a provider of jobs.
In the light of my concerns, which have been triggered by expert medical evidence, there is at least a case for managing and controlling the extent of the open cast coal mining sites in this area.
It is not my wish to create a panic about this in the area.
However, it is my duty as a doctor to inform the debate about potential health risk of open cast mining in our locality.

Yours etc.,

Glentaggart Farm,

Health and Wellbeing...

After many years of airborne mineral dust, deisel fumes, and noise, becoming an everyday part of our local lives and environment, what are the implications for our health and wellbeing as residents of communities living next to concurrent opencast mineral excavations?

Below are reports by an expert in this field of study...

Here are some more very useful information links...

Department of Health
Long-Term Exposure to Air Pollution: Effect on Mortality

Country Doctor

Coal Health Study

Click HERE to download a copy of the South Lanarkshire Council Minerals Local Plan (Sept' 2002)...
and HERE for the South Lanarkshire Council Minerals Local Plan MAP (Sept' 2002)

BMJ (British Medical Journal) article 2009
by Clare Dyer

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