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Below (in no particular order) are some of the issues affecting the residents and community of the Douglas Valley area.
If you would like bring an issue or concern to our attention please do so by clicking HERE
  • Illegal dumping at Douglas West

  • Vandalism and maintainace of outdoor furniture and paths around the first pond (Stable Lake)

  • Flooding and drainage - on A70 at entrance to Glebe Industrial Estate / Ambulance Depot due to run off from fields east of the Cottage Hospital. At the top of Hill and Dale Street due field run off. Welldale Street due to inadequate street drains

  • Factories on Angus Avenue, Douglas; demolished, closed and now a health & safety concern - what could be done with the existing vacant buildings...what should happen to the sites ?

  • Safety for pedestrians and road users using A70, Ayr Road in Douglas - absence of crossing points

  • Douglas and Angus Estates prohibition notices closing access to rights of way and woodlands around Douglas without any form of advanced announcement or community consultation...access rights are being unduly curtailed, and that the opportunity to safely enjoy the untouched countryside environs are being diminished year on year for both residents and visitors alikeas a result of mineral operations and deforestation...is this level of degradation sustainable and how much more can our valley endure…?

  • without community consent and against the majority view of the residents of the area, open cast mineral extraction is surrounding the Douglas Valley and destroying our environment locally and globally

  • Mainshill Wood open cast coal site ... so near to our Cottage Hospital !

  • Mainshill OCCS has the potential to produce £637.500 for a proposed 'Douglas Trust' for expenditure specifically for Douglas. How do you think the expenditure of these funds should be prioritised ?

  • are the increasing cancer and other serious ill health problems a result of airborne pollution ?

  • after the closure of several local businesses over recent years and months there is a serious lack of long term job creation or employment security in one of Lanarkshire's highest unemployment black spots...how bright is the employment future?

  • excessive amounts HGV mineral traffic on roads in and around the village are resulting in and dangerous driving conditions for community and commuter alike and hazardous potholed roads ...what happened to all the planning conditions laid down that were for our safety?

  • the siting and time taken over the building of the new Douglas Primary School appears to be without community dialogue nor  consultation...why?

  • spiraling decline of the communities economic well-being...where is all the supposed wealth created from surrounding mineral industry...and who has it?

  • 'private' projects being disguised as public benefits...for whos benefit?

  • Council / Government politicians not listening to, nor interested in, our communities...why?

Do any of the above affect you ? Are you concerned ?
Would you like to see the community have more say in the decision making process; and in its future, and be part of that plan ?

The Community Council would love to hear from you with your ideas and suggestion, on what you think would be best for the wider community.

If you would like to contact Douglas Community Council please do so by clicking

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