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Douglas Flower Show 2008

copyright of the carluke and lanark gazette
Judges and committee of the 2008 show

President R Mitchell welcomed locals and visitors to the annual Flower Show in Douglas Primary School on Saturday September 6. He then handed over to Dr Scott who said a few words before introducing Lord Home who formally opened the show. Lady Home then presented the trophies to the prizewinners of all the various classes. Gala Queen Kelsey Beck then presented Lord and Lady Home with small tokens of appreciation for opening the show and presenting the prizes. As well as the usual exhibits, Coalburn Pipe Band entertained the visitors to the show. Also on display were photographs of the recent garden and scarecrow competitions. The committee are once again indebted to all exhibitors and visitors who supported the show and all who helped in any way to make the show once again a success. We would also like to thank Douglas and Angus Estates for all their help in setting up for the show. The day finished with a successful ceilidh in St. Brides, which was enjoyed by all who attended.
Pot Plants
Begonias 1 James Smith; Begonia Andrew Bain; One double or semi-double geranium 1 Hugh Bannatyne, 2 Andrew Bain, 3 James Smith; Geranium, oak leaved 1 Andrew Bain; Flowering plant 1 Andrew Bain; Pelargorium 1 Hugh Bannatyne, 2 James Smith; Fuchsia, double 1. V Kent; Coleus 1 Morton Hair, 2 Margaret Thompson, 3 Jim Fleming; Foliage plant 1 Jim Fleming, 2 Mary Scott, 3 Margaret Thompson; Love Lies-bleeding 1 Jim Smith, 2 Margaret Thompson; Flowering plant 1 Robert Mitchell; Hanging basket 1 Jim Gold; Patio container 1 Fiona Morrison
Cut Flowers
Dahlias, small ball 1 Andrew Bain, 2 Mary Scott; Dahlias pompom 1 Mary Scott;Three dahlias, min dec 1 Andrew Bain; Three dahlias, dec small 1 Andrew Bain, 2 Mary Scottt; One dahlia cactus 1 William Fell; Three dahlias, cactus medium 1 William Fell, 2 Andrew Bain, 3 Mary Scott; Three dahlias, cactus, small 1 Andrew Bain; Six dahlias medium 1 Andrew Bain; Nine dahlias, three varieties 1 Andrew Bain; Six dahlias, small cactus 1 Andrew Bain; Two vases early chrysanthemums 1 Andrew Bain; Vase chrysanthemums 1 James Smith; Five chrysanthemums 1 James Smith; Vase chrysanthemums, mixed 1 Andrew Bain, 2 William Fell; Vase chrysanthemums, single 1 Andrew Bain; Three begonia blooms 1 Tom Galloway, 2 James Smith; Two begonias 1 James Smith, 2 Tom Galloway; Six begonias blooms 1 James Smith, 2 Tom Galloway; One begonia 1 James Smith; Three gladioli 1 James Smith; Vases gladioli 1 James Smith; One gladiolus spike 1 James Smith; Vases herbaceous 1 Hugh Bannatyne, 2 Robert Mitchell; Vase herbaceous 1 Sheena MacMillan, 2 Mary Scott, 3 James Smith; vase everlasting flowers 1 Mary Scott; Vase mixed annuals 1 Sheena McMillan; Penstemons 1 Sheena MacMillan; vase sweet peas, 15 spikes 1 James Smith; Vase sweet peas, nine spikes 1 James Smith, 2 William Fell; Vase roses, nine blooms 1 James Smith; Six roses 1 Andrew Bain, 2 William Fell , 3 Mary Scott; Single rose 1 Mary Scott, 2 James Smith, 3 Andrew Bain; Antirrhinums 1 Sheena MacMillan, 2 Agnes Gold; Marigolds, French 1 Sheena MacMillan, 2 Mary Scott
Potatoes, white, long, 1 Robert Mitchell, 2 Sinclair Scott, 3 Morton Hair; Potatoes, white, round 1 Andrew Bain, 2 Robert Mitchell; Potatoes, six varieties 1 Morton Hair; Potatoes, three varieties 1 Morton Hair; Cabbage late 1 Andrew Bain; Cabbage, winningstadt 1 Sinclair Scott; Greenkale 1 Morton Hair, 2 Alan MacLarty; Parsley plants 1 Morton Hair; Parsley plant 1 Morton Hair; Three leeks 1 Andrew Bain; One leek 1 Andrew Bain; Three leeks not to exceed six inch 1 Andrew Bain; Two leeks, not to exceed six inch 1 Andrew Bain; One leek not to exceed six inch 1 Andrew Bain; Four onions 1 Andrew Bain; Four onion sets 1 Sinclair Scott; Six onions 1 Andrew Bain; Three onions 1 Andrew. Bain, 2 Alan MacLarty; Four onions globe 1 Morton Hair, 2 Andrew Bain; Four bean pods 1 A O'Brien; Cucumber 1 Alan MacLarty, 2 A O'Brien
Novelty Class
Heaviest onion 1 Andrew Bain, 2 Alan MacLarty; Heaviest potato 1 Andrew Bain, 2 Alan MacLarty
Newcomers Section
Potatoes 1 Alan MacLarty; cabbage 1 Alan MacLarty; Rhubarb stalks 1 Alan MacLarty; Rose 1 Alan MacLarty; Three dahlias 1 Alan MacLarty
Industrial Section
Painted picture max A3 1 Walter Simpson, 2 Pauline Simpson, 3 Jim Smith; Baby's matinee jacket 1 Sheena McMillan, 2 Isobel Wilson, 3 Sadie McKay; Baby's cardigan 1 V Kent, 2 Sadie McKay, 3 Isobel Wilson; Home made greetings card 1 Jeanette Fleming, 2 V Kent, 3 Anne Taylor; pair baby's booties 1 Isobel Wilson, 2 Anne Taylor, 3 Joan Queen; Soft toy 1 Isobel Wilson , 2 Jean Plenderleith, 3 Anna McKay; Fancy cushion 1 Jean Plenderleith, 2 Anna McKay; I Item woodwork 1 Jim Smith, 2 Adam Peters; Pin cushion 1 Anne Taylor, 2 Jean Plenderleith, 3 Sarah Peters; Christmas tree decoration 1 Isobel Wilson; Sampler 1 Jean Plenderleith, 2 Ann Taylor; Baby's knitted hat 1 Isobel Wilson, 2 Ann Taylor, 3 May Smith; Knitted cotton top 1 Isobel Wilson, 2' Sadie McKay; Knitted scarf 1 Isobel Wilson, 2 May Smith, 3 Ann Taylor; Knitted outdoor jacket 1 Isobel Wilson; Cross stitch picture 1 Ann Taylor, 2 Margaret Scott, 3 Mary Mitchell; Item containing 100 years scouting 1 Laura Bryce, 2 Mathew Waugh, 3 Tom Varini; J Stitt Memorial Plate for most meritorious exhibit in industrial section Isobel Wilson; Prize for runner-up in industrial section, gifted by Mrs L Smith, Kilmarnock, Walter Simpson; Prize most points in industrial section, gifted by Mrs J Scanlon, Isobel Wilson
Coffee buns 1 M Smith, 2 M Bannatyne, 3 E Fleming; Rock buns 1 M Smith, 2 Grace Dobbie, 3 J MacLarty; Decorated sponge 1 J MacLarty; Open sandwich 1 A K Gold; Filled potato 1 A K Gold, 2 Jacqueline Smith, 3 Joan Gold; Pancakes 1 S Mackay, 2 Kirn Welch; Cherry oven scones 1 Susan Wilkinson, 2 M Bannatyne, 3 S Mackay; Oven scones 1 M Bannatyne, 2 Alison MacLaine, 3 Susan Wilkinson; Tea plate three times 1 Gillian Mitchell, 2 Fiona Morrison, 3 M Bannatyne; Fruit squares 1 Tom. Kirkland, 2 Ann Taylor, 3 S Mackay; Angel cakes 1
Grace Dobbie, 2 Ann Taylor; Gingerbread with fruit 1 Fiona Morrison, 2 Gillian Mitchell, 3 Jan MacLarty; Empire biscuits 1 Eileen Fleming, 2 M Lees; Shortbread biscuits 1 Fiona Morrison, 2 Eileen Fleming, 3 Tom Kirkland; Apple tart 1 Sarah Peters, 2 Eileen Fleming, 3 Jan MacLarty; Individual cold sweet 1 A K Gold, 2 Fiona Morrison, 3 Grace Dobbie; Yoghurt loaf 1 Jan MacLarty, 2 Ann Taylor, 3 Fiona Morrison; Microwave dumpling 1 Jan MacLarty, 2 Isobel Wilson, 3 Tom Kirkland; Tablet 1 W Fell, 2 Tom Kirkland, 3 Allison Maclaine; Millionaire shortbread 1 Gillian Mitchell, 2 Fiona Morrison; Truffles 1 Susan Wilkinson, 2 M Smith, 3 Gillian Mitchell; Egg sponge 1 Joan Gold, 2 Kim Welch, 3 M Bannatyne; Butter sponge 1 Ann Taylor, 2 Fiona Morrison, 3 Gillian Mitchell; Melting moments 1 Susan Wilkinson, 2 Gillian Mitchell, 3 Fiona Morrison; Fruit loaf 1 Eileen Fleming, 2 Jan MacLarty, 3 B McFarlane; Queen cakes 1 Jan MacLarty, 2 Grace Dobbie, 3 M Lees; Chocolate sponge 1 S Mckay, 2 Fiona Morrison, 3 Jan MacLarty; Welfare Cup for most meritorious exhibit in backing section 'A' classes Sarah Peters; McFeat Cup for most meritorious exhibit in baking section 'B' classes S McKay; Prize for most points in baking section, gifted by Mrs M Bain, Fiona Morrison
Jam and Jellies
Jar blackcurrant jam 1 Jan MacLarty, 2 W Fell, 3 Tom Kirkland; Jar strawberry jam 1 W Fell, 2 A K Gold, 3 B MacFarlane; Jar raspberry jam 1 A K Gold, 2 Tom Kirkland, 3 B MacFarlane; Bowl fresh fruit 1 A K Gold, 2 Gillian Mitchell, 3 John Gold; Jar rhubarb and ginger jam 1 A K Gold, 2 W Fell; Lemon curd 1 B MacFarlane, 2 A K Gold, 3 J MacLarty; Marmalade 1 S Mckay, 2 B McFarlane, 3 Tom Kirkland; Jar chutney
1 Jan MacLarty, 2 B MacFarlane, 3 Tom Kirkland; Coubrough Cup for most meritorious exhibit in jams and jellies A K Gold; Prize most points in jams and jellies gifted by Miss P Sloan, A K Gold
Floral Art
Arrangement using artificial flowers 1 Jan MacLarty, 2 Allison MacLean, 3 Margaret McFarlane; Cameronian statue 1 Jan MacLarty, 2 Margaret Thompson; Table centre, pink perfection 1 Jan MacLarty, 2 Sarah Peters, 3 Margaret Thompson; Arrangement in tea pot 1 Jan MacLarty, 2 Sarah Peters, 3 V Kent; Arrangement in candlestick 1 Jan MacLarty, 2 Margaret Thompson; Arrangement for busy housewife 1 Jan MacLarty, 2 Allison Maclaine, 3 Joan Gold; Buttonhole 1 Allison Maclaine, 2 Jan MacLarty; Arrangement using foliage 1 Jan MacLarty,
2 Margaret Thompson; WRI Cup for most meritorious exhibit in,floral art Jan MacLarty; Prize for most points in floral art section, gifted by Miss M Tweedie, Jan MacLarty
School Section
Queen cakes 1 Jennifer Goodwin; Tablet 1 Lauren Cronin, 2 Kieren Maclaine, 3 Mathew Maclaine; Shortbread biscuits 1 Lauren Cronin; Butter sponge 1 Charley Welch; Pancakes 1 Charley Welch, 2 Jennifer Goodwin; Oven scones 1 Mathew Maclaine, 2 lona Robertson, 3 Lauren Cronin; Individual sweet 1 Lauren Cronin, 2 Kieren Maclaine, 3 Lynzi Morrison; Soup plate with floating flowers 1 Charley Welch, 2 Ross Morrison, 3 Lynzi Morrison; Six leaves on cardboard 1 Charley Welch, 2 Lynzi Morrison, 3 Ross Morrison; Prehistoric picture from vegetables 1 Jenna MacLarty, 2 Ross Morrison, 3 Amy MacLarty; Plasticine/playdoh model 1 Jenna MacLarty, 2 Emma Muir, 3 Amy MacLarty; Decorated biscuit 1 Ross Morrison, 2 Lynzi Morrison, 3 lona Robertson; Decorated egg 1 Kieran Todd, 2 lona Robertson, 3 Ross Morrison; Art work P2/3 1 Abbie Jayne, 2 Emily, 3 lona; Art work P3/4 1 Euan, 2 L J Halliday, 3 Euan Lawson; Art work P4/5 1 Sandy Muir, 2 John Barnes, 3 Kirstin McWhirter; Art work P5/6 1 Caitlin Marshall, 2 Charley Welch, 3 Jennifer Goodwin; Art work P6/7 1 Robyn Taylor, 2 Leanne Walker; Art work Stablestone Primary flowers 1 Zak Davidson, 2 Jenna MacLarty, 3 Eididh Thompson; Art work Stablestone Primary cards 1 lona Warrior, 2 Elaine Ritchie, 3 Jenna MacLarty; Hand Made greetings card 1 equal Genna MacLarty and Lynzi Morrison, 2 Charley Welch, 3 Ross Morrison; Farmyard on a biscuit tin lid 1 Allana Graham, 2 Chloe Cook, 3 Ross Morrison and 1 Jemma MacLarty, 2 Amy MacLarty, 3 Andrew Nimmo; Nursery morning 1 Ryan, 2 David, 3 Devyn; Nursery afternoon 1 Callum, 2 Findlay, 3 Madison; The Royal Bank of Scotland Trophy for most meritorious exhibit in classes 197-202 Lauren Cronin; The Horticultural Society Trophy for most meritorious exhibit in classes 203-211 Caitlin Marshall; Prize for most points in School section Charley Welch; Prize for most points in Grammar section Mathew Maclaine; Prize for most points in Nursery section Ross Morrison
Section Prizes
Pot Plants: Classes 1 & 2 James Smith; Classes 3-6 Hugh Bannatyne; Classes 7,9,10 & 10a Hugh Bannatyne; Classes 11-15 Morton Hair; Classes 16,17,19, 20 James Smith; Classes 21, 22, 24, 25, 25a Fiona Morrison; Classes 8, 18, 18a, 23 Andrew Bain.
Cut Flowers: Classes 26, 27, 28 Andrew Bain; Classes 31, 34, 35a Andrew Bain; Classes 34a, 35 Andrew Bain; Classes 29,30,32,. 32a, 33 William Fell; Classes 36, 43, 43a, 43b Andrew Bain; Classes 38, 38a, 41 James Smith; Classes 37, 39, 40, 42 James Smith; Classes 44-46 James Smith; Classes 47-49a James Smith; Classes 50-52 Hugh Bannatyne; Classes 52a-55 Sheena MacMillan; Classes 56-59 James Smith; Classes 60-63 James Smith; Classes 64-66a Sheena MacMillan Classes 67-69D Sheena MacMillan.
Vegetables: Classes 70-75 Morton Hair; Classes 76-80 Sinclair Scott; Classes 81-83 Morton Hair; Classes 84-85b Andrew Bain; Classes 86-88 Andrew Bain; Classes 89-93 Morton Hair; Classes 103-107 A O'Brien; Classes 108-110 Alan MacLarty
Garden Competition
Most meritorious exhibit in gardens J Tweedie Cup 1 F McMillan, 2 Joe Allan, 3 Sandra Hair
Fill a tub with colour
Primary school Charley Welch; Nursery School Ross1 Morrison
Scarecrow Competition
DVRAP Trophy. Jim Smith; Most inventive scarecrow Thompson family; Funniest scarecrow Frank McMillan. See also separate story on the scarecrow contest on P11 of this week's Gazette, along with pictures of the entries
Cups in Horticultural Society
Douglas Miners' Welfare Cup, best exhibit in Horticultural Society, Andrew Bain; Coronation Cup, best exhibit in pot plants, Hugh Bannatyne; Memorial Cup, best exhibit in dahlias, Andrew Bain; Centenary Cup, best exhibit in chrysanthemums, Andrew Bain; A Johnstone Rose Bowl, best exhibit in begonias, James Smith; A J Bairner Cup, best exhibit in cut flowers, classes 47a-60 grade A, James Smith; J Scott Memorial Cup, best exhibit in cut flowers, classes 47-69b grade B & C, Sheena MacMillan; Challenge Trophy, best exhibit in vegetables, A classes, Andrew Bain; Boardman Cup, best exhibit in vegetables B & C classes, Morton Hair; Gray Tool Trophy, best exhibit in newcomers section, Alan MacLarty.

copyright of the carluke and lanark gazette

Platform party and Drew Bain winner of best exhibit in show

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